Selected Publications

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  • Vishakha Gupta , Rakshit Jain, Yafei Ren, Xiyue S. Zhang, Husain F. Alnaser, Amit Vashist, Vikram V. Deshpande, David A. Muller, Di Xiao, Taylor D. Sparks, and Daniel C. Ralph. “Gate-Tunable Anomalous Hall Effect in a 3D Topological Insulator/2D Magnet van der Waals Heterostructure” Nano Letters 2022, 22, 17, 7166–7172
  • Thow Min Jerald Cham, Saba Karimeddiny, Avalon H. Dismukes, Xavier Roy, Daniel C. Ralph, and Yunqiu Kelly Luo. “Anisotropic Gigahertz Antiferromagnetic Resonances of the Easy-Axis van der Waals Antiferromagnet CrSBr.” Nano Letters (2022).
  • Arnab Bose, Nathaniel J. Schreiber, Rakshit Jain, Ding-Fu Shao, Hari P. Nair, Jiaxin Sun, et al. “Tilted spin current generated by the collinear antiferromagnet ruthenium dioxide.” Nature Electronics 5, no. 5 (2022): 267-274.
  • Ruofan Li, Peng Li, Di Yi, Lauren J. Riddiford, Yahong Chai, Yuri Suzuki, Daniel C. Ralph, and Tianxiang Nan. “Anisotropic Magnon Spin Transport in Ultrathin Spinel Ferrite Thin Films─ Evidence for Anisotropy in Exchange Stiffness.” Nano Letters 22, no. 3 (2022): 1167-1173.

Older Publications

  • Vishakha Gupta, Thow Min Cham, Gregory M. Stiehl, Arnab Bose, Joseph A. Mittelstaedt, Kaifei Kang, Shengwei Jiang et al. “Manipulation of the van der Waals magnet Cr2Ge2Te6 by spin–orbit torques.” Nano Letters 20, no. 10 (2020): 7482-7488.
  • Saba Karimeddiny, Joseph A. Mittelstaedt, Robert A. Buhrman, and Daniel C. Ralph. “Transverse and longitudinal spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance for improved measurement of spin-orbit torque.” Physical Review Applied 14, no. 2 (2020): 024024.
  • Tianxiang Nan, Camilo X. Quintela, Julian Irwin, Gautam Gurung, Ding-Fu Shao, J. Gibbons, N. Campbell et al. “Controlling spin current polarization through non-collinear antiferromagnetism.” Nature communications 11, no. 1 (2020): 1-7.
  • Control of spin–orbit torques through crystal symmetry in WTe2/ferromagnet bilayers.MacNeill, D., Stiehl, G.M., Guimaraes, M.H.D., Buhrman, R.A., Park, J. and Ralph, D.C., 2017.  Nature Physics13(3), pp.300-305.
  • Valley degeneracy breaking by magnetic field in monolayer MoSe2, D. MacNeill, C. Heikes, K. F. Mak, Z. Anderson, A. Kormányos, Viktor Zólyomi, J. Park, and D. C. Ralph, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 037401 (2015).
  • Spin-transfer torque generated by a topological insulator, A. R. Mellnik, J. S. Lee, A. Richardella, J. L. Grab, P. J. Mintun, M. H. Fischer, A. Vaezi, A. Manchon, E.-A. Kim, N. Samarth, and D. C. Ralph, Nature 511, 449-451 (2014).
  • Deterministic switching of ferromagnetism at room temperature using an electric field, J. T. Heron, J. L. Bosse, Q. He, Y. Gao, M. Trassin, J. D. Clarkson, C. Wang, J. Liu, S. Salahuddin, D. C. Ralph, D. G. Schlom, J. Íñiguez, B. D. Huey, and R. Ramesh, Nature 516, 370-373 (2014).
  • Spin torque switching with the giant spin Hall effect of tantalum, Luqiao Liu, Chi-Feng Pai, Y. Li, H. W. Tseng, D. C. Ralph, and R. A. Buhrman, Science 336, 555-558 (2012).
  • Spin Torque Ferromagnetic Resonance Induced by the Spin Hall Effect, Luqiao Liu, Takahiro Moriyama, D. C. Ralph, and R. A. Buhrman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 036601 (2011).
  • Mechanical Control of Spin States in Spin-1 Molecules and the Underscreened Kondo Effect, J. J. Parks, A. R. Champagne, T. A. Costi, W. W. Shum, A. N. Pasupathy, E. Neuscamman, S. Flores-Torres, P. S. Cornaglia, A. A. Aligia, C. A. Balseiro, G. K.-L. Chan, H. D. Abruña, and D. C. Ralph, Science 328, 1370-1373 (2010).
  • Coupling of Spin and Orbital Motion of Electrons in Carbon Nanotubes, F. Kuemmeth, S. Ilani, D. C. Ralph, and P. L. McEuen, Nature 452, 448-452 (2008).
  • Measurement of the Spin-Transfer-Torque Vector in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions, J. C. Sankey, Y.-T. Cui, J. Z. Sun, J. C. Slonczewski, R. A. Buhrman, and D. C. Ralph, Nature Physics 4, 67-71 (2008).
  • Magnetic vortex oscillator driven by dc spin-polarized current, V. S. Pribiag, I. N. Krivorotov, G. D. Fuchs, P. M. Braganca, O. Ozatay, J. C. Sankey, D. C. Ralph, and R. A. Buhrman, Nature Physics 3, 498-503 (2007).
  • Time-Domain Measurements of Nanomagnet Dynamics Driven by Spin-Transfer Torques, I. N. Krivorotov, N. C. Emley, J. C. Sankey, S. I. Kiselev, D. C. Ralph, and R. A. Buhrman, Science 307, 228-231 (2005).
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  • Microwave oscillations of a nanomagnet driven by a spin-polarized current, S. I. Kiselev, J. C. Sankey, I. N. Krivorotov, N. C. Emley, R. J. Schoelkopf, R. A. Buhrman, and D. C. Ralph, Nature 425, 380-383 (2003).
  • Coulomb Blockade and the Kondo Effect in Single Atom Transistors, Jiwoong Park, A. N. Pasupathy, J. I. Goldsmith, C. Chang, Y. Yaish, J. R. Petta, M. Rinkoski, J. P. Sethna, H. D. Abruña, P. M. McEuen, and D. C. Ralph, Nature 417, 722-725 (2002).
  • Current-Driven Magnetization Reversal and Spin Wave Excitations in Co/Cu/Co Pillars, J. A. Katine, F. J. Albert, R. A. Buhrman, E. B. Myers, and D. C. Ralph, Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 3149-3152 (2000).
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