Simulation of single electron transistors

The following codes are provided as a complement to the article Solving rate equations for electron tunneling via discrete quantum states by Edgar Bonet, Mandar M. Deshmukh and D. C. Ralph, to appear in Phys. Rev. B. (cond-mat/0108248) Their purpose is to calculate the current through a single electron transistor in the regime suitable for electron spectroscopy.

Electron spectroscopy

When the island of a single electron transistor is small enough, the electronic energy levels in it are discrete instead of forming a continuum. If the thermal energy kBT is smaller than the level spacing, then the electronic spectrum of the island can be measured. The following codes simulate the measured I versus V curves given the electronic spectrum of the island. We assume that the charging energy is big enough so that only two charge states (say having N0 and N0+1 electrons) are energetically allowed. We also assume that the intrinsic linewidth of the energy levels are small compared to both kBT and the level spacing and that the internal relaxation rate is small compared to the tunneling rates.

Mathematica code

This program was written by Mandar M. Deshmukh and solves the rate equations. Two Mathematica notebooks are provided:

C code

This program was written by Edgar Bonet. It solves the rate equations numerically and can deal with up to 15 levels. The following files are available:

Last updated: 2001-11-29

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